What is this?
The Fifth Annual Farscape Fan Video awards. If you have no idea what a fan video is, you're probably in entirely the wrong place. If you have no idea what Farscape is, run don't walk to Farwhat?.

Who's behind it?
These awards were started by LithiumDoll in 2002. Fan fiction had the Sparkys and vidders were feeling a tad left out. For the 2005 and beyond awards, LT Garrix has stepped up to the plate to coordinate the "behind the scenes" activity.

Is it too late to suggest a category?
Not quite yet. Suggestions for new categories will be entertained until mid-September. The vidding community has brainstormed to come up with a diverse set of categories. If you have a suggestion contact shelly @ craisie.com (remove the spaces)

How can I get my site ad pimped?
Send an email with the url for the site and a banner no larger than 120x50 to shelly @ craisie.com. The site you want pimped must have Farscape content!

Is there a link banner?
Please download the banner to your site or someplace like www.photobucket.com that allows hotlinking. Use http://clamshell.craisie.com as the destination for the banner link.


Where did my nomination go?
I nominated/was nominated and now it's not showing up anymore? This happened because the vid was not eligible for a category. For instance, it's a non-Farscape vid, it was released outside the eligibility period, or a song with lyrics was nominated in the 1812 category. If you feel the nomination was wrongly removed, email shelly @ craisie.com and I can explain the decision.

Are crossovers allowed?
Unfortunately, no. While there are some wonderful crossover vids, this is a Farscape Fan Video award site. At this time, I have not seen enough crossover vids to justify giving them their own category.

I don't have all the vidder's information, ie email, can I still nominate?
Yes. If you have the vidder name and vid title correct, I should be able to have my trusty bloodhounds track down the rest. Since all the fields need to have information, you can use the site URL for unknown URLs (though if it is a vid, if it's not online, the odds of others voting for it are much lower) and you can use dummy@craisie.com for the email. For Natural Election and Coup By Clam, under vid you can just type "All" and if you don't know of an archive page for the vidder, just use http://www.craisie.com/clamshell/id24.htm which is the Eligible by Vidder page.

Why are some categories mutually exclusive?
In 2005 I noticed that some vids were not compatible with more than one category. For exampe Destiny's Couple/Suns and Lovers and Out of the Their Minds/A Human Reaction. To be a good character study, the shippy aspect would be de-emphasized and vice versa. A good shippy vid is generally not about a single character, so choose your category wisely. If a vid is nominated in both categories, I will contact the vidder for a preference unless I see it clearly tipping one way or the other. Another would be Crackers Don't Matter and either Infinite Possibilities or Season of Death. Comdey and Drama/Tragedy are exact opposites. The full list is in the category description.

When are nominations open?
They are tentatively scheduled to begin 15 December 2008.

Do I have to nominate all categories at once?
No. Due to the wonders of technology, you can nominate one or a few and come back later and nominate the rest later.

What vids are valid to nominate?
Any vid made public between 1 December 2006 and opening of nominations 2007 that has not been previously nominated - a couple of days either way won't be quibbled over, but don't push the line too much. If nominating a new version of an older vid, it is only valid if there is a greater than 50% clip change.

Who's valid to nominate for Coup By Clam?
Anyone but LithiumDoll, LT Garrix, Leviathan, and jagwriter78, who are past winners and anyone that is not in their first year vidding Farscape.

Can I nominate more than one vid in a category?
You can only nominate one vid per category, so choose wisely young padawan.

Can I nominate my own vids?

Eek! I nominated the wrong vid / in the wrong category / with the wrong details / a radish
The first two can't be helped - if they're way off the vids will be discounted at the voting stage. The correct details (along with which category and the name of the vid you nominated so it can be tracked down) can be sent to shelly @ craisie.com. The last one will be applauded.

Are vidders told they've had a nomination?
Yep, there's an email alert, along with the choice to refuse the nomination. Vidders, if you have a vid nominated for a category it's clearly not suited for, or the vid doesn't fit within the timeframe, please refuse the nomination - it saves me a lot of time. In the case of a person not knowing the vidders email, I will endeavor to notify the vidder of the nomination before the closing of Nominations.

I share a computer with others who also want to nominate
Submit one person's nominations as normal, then email shelly (at) craisie.com with the rest.


When will voting open?
The plan is to once again have voting open with a few days of nominations closing. It's too early to predict how hectic my life will be at that time. Any significant shifts will be posted here, Terra Firma and my LJ.

When will voting close?
Voting will close approximately 2 weeks after it opens. If there is a second round of voting required, it will open within a day or so of the first round closing and will last 1 week.

What is this round 2 of which you speak?
Back in 2005, there were some categories that has many as 8 winners. Now, while I'm all for including as many folks as possible, this is a bit excessive. And some categories have so many nominees, it's difficult to choose a winner. To help folks out, any category that has 5 or more vids in the top 3 vote getters, will have a second round of voting. Since presumably everyone has watched the vids already, and the fact it is a more limited number, second round voting will only last a week as I know folks will be antsy to see the results. :D

Can I vote for more than one video in a category?
No, once only. Yes, there are ways around the preventative measures to avoid people doing it, but please don't do it. You will be caught and all your votes will be invalidated.

What's stopping someone voting more than once?
IP recording, cookies, a conscience and me - I will be keeping an eye on the numbers. Overly suspicious votes will be removed from the final tally. So don't go stuffing the ballot box for your vids. Besides, how much meaning will a win have if it was you voting for your vid 20 times? It's much more meaningful if your vid wins on its merit.

Can I have my friends vote for me?
There is nothing wrong with advertising the awards. The more exposure the better. But do not encourage all your friends, family, etc to go and vote for you. This is what is meant by 'stuffing the ballot box'. Encourage them to watch the vids and vote for the one they think is best. It may be yours and it may not. Big Brother is watching and as is mentioned above, suspicious votes will be removed. Besides, what satisfaction would you get knowing that you just recruited folks to vote for you?
Cookies? IP? Aeeeeiiiii, big brother is watching!!
Don't panic. The cookies will disappear once the votes have been tabulated.

I have a firewall
Say no more. You won't be able to vote, or indeed nominate, unless you let clamshell.craisie.com through it, sorry.

I share a computer with others who also want to vote
Submit one person's votes as normal, then email shelly (at) craisie.com with the rest.


When will the results be up?
Hopefully within a few days of voting closing. And hopefully the winners' banners will be ready at the same time, though I can plan ahead and have the templates done this year. I hope to have something different looking for next year.

Will there be little awards buttons for the winners?
If there is interest in a smaller button, please, contact me and the banners can be altered.

How are the results counted?
By the script and the script alone, which doesn't so much not show favouritism as hate everyone equally. The votes that went in will be the votes that go out, less doubles.